Slither Snake Balls vs Blocks, best Android arcade game!

Slither Snake Balls vs Blocks with Multiple Skins
HWDOT has launched Slither Snake Balls vs Blocks arcade game for Android-powered smartphones. Slither Snake Balls vs Blocks is a free-to-play mobile game for all ages. Loaded with challenging gameplay plus tons of features, Slither Snake Balls vs Blocks is available now from HWDOT as a free download on Google Play.

Slither Snake Balls vs Blocks is inspired by classic snake game and bricks games, Slither Snake vs Block is surely one of the best addictive slither snake game for touch screens, your next free-to-play snake vs block game! Not like a familiar balls vs blocks game, this slithering snake game features more boosters and bonuses. More fun!

Slither Snake Ball vs Block is a perfect adults and kids game that combines the classic game of snake with ball vs block game and bricks breaker gameplay. Slither Snake eat balls to get longer. Hit the blocks as many as possible to get high score in slither vs bricks. Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores! How long you survive in slither vs blocks.

Slither Snake vs Blocks automatically saves game state on exit, so you can always continue your progress later. Plus, there are also free coins and shop system to customize the slither snake. Play snake balls game and challenge your friends and family to beat your score in Slither Snake Ball vs Block!

How to Play Slither Snake Ball vs Block
- Swipe your finger (to move left or right) to guide a slither snake of balls and break the blocks.
- Collect additional balls to make an endless ball chain!
- When you hit the block, you'll lose some ball!
- Try to break as many blocks as possible.
- Get additional balls and make the biggest snake ever!

Game BOOSTERS and BONUSES in Slither Snake Balls vs Blocks:
★ Remove Walls
★ Magnet
★ Slowness
★ +Scores, X2, X3 Multiplier
★ Shield: Double/Triple/Quadruple/Quintuple Tough Balls Protections
★ and many more!

Slither Snake Balls vs Blocks, best arcade game!

Slither Snake Ball vs Block Features
★ FREE to Play, Simple user interface (UI) with Swipe one-hand control!
★ Endless balls and infinite snake!
★ Earn FREE Coins to Shop Multiple Snake Skins!
★ Audio with Sound on/off button!
★ Automatic Pause detection system when app loses focus. Can resume to play again!
★ Autosaved highscores. Keep your game progress and Continue later!
★ NO NEED to Login to any servers during start/play so it is so smooth and NO Lags!
★ One-hand friendly Android game, Designed specifically with the portrait orientation in mind!

Download Slither Snake Balls vs Blocks and Start slithering with addicting Snake Ball vs Block once and you'll want to play this Snake VS Block game more. Addictive and Lots of fun!

You can now download the Slither Snake Balls vs Blocks from the official Google Play store.

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