iSlsk - Native Soulseek P2P sharing client for iPhone

iSlsk - Native Soulseek P2P sharing client for iPhone. iSlsk is perharps the first genuinely useful native peer-to-peer application for the iPhone, which is capable of accessing the Soulseek music sharing network. Installing the iSlsk application opens up a whole world of peer-to-peer music-sharing on the hundreds of thousands strong Soulseek network.

The iSlsk application for the iPhone was created by Nir Arbel, a former Napster programmer, allowing users to search the SoulSeek database, queue transfers, and download files directly to the iPhone. Music downloaded through iSlsk is automatically added to your iPhone's iTunes library and can be played immediately.

How to Grab iSlsk - Native Soulseek P2P sharing client for iPhone? Here's Step by Step:
0. You'll need a jailbroken iPhone (look at the sidebar, there are many useful tips)
1. Add “http://” application repository to your “Source” list, Here’s how:
a. Start up your
b. Hit the “Sources” tab at the bottom of your screen
c. Tap the “Edit” button in the upper right
d. Then tap “Add” in the upper left
e. When prompted to do so, enter the “http://” in the text box.
f. You’ll find the application. Install and restart your iPhone.

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brandon lowry said...

the source works but it says unable to decode when u select islsk anyone no how to fix this problem please drop me a line

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