Pinkie Pom 1.6.8 update comes with 20+ mini games

Pinkie Pom with 20+ Mini Games
HWDOT has updated Pinkie Pom with the addition of multiple game modes. You can now play a total of 21 challenges with various gameplays and more mini games to come. Pinkie Pom is a free-to-play mobile adventure with 20+ mini games and tons of features, available from HWDOT as a free download on Google Play.

Loaded with all-new challenges, multiple levels, cute characters, and funny crazy monsters, Pinkie Pom has a lot of game elements that lets you enjoy exploring the adventure, matching and solving puzzles, mowing lawn, fishing, archery, racing, flying, jumping, cutting, slicing, memorizing, multitasking, and many more.

You can now update the Pinkie Pom from the official Google Play store.

Pinkie Pom with Various Gameplays

About Pinkie Pom
For more information on Pinkie Pom, visit Fans can also follow on Instagram: @thepinkiepom

HWDOT is a developer and publisher of casual games for mobile including Pinkie Pom, Flower Game, 144 Blocks Puzzle, Lolly Pop Bubble Shooter, Pixel Zombie Sniper, 1001+ Emoji Puzzles, Color Queen! Flood Puzzle, Super Game Plus, and ZEL. We specialize in delivering free-to-play mobile games to markets around the world. For more information, please visit
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