ZEL 2.0 classic board game with smarter AI on Android!

ZEL with Single Player Mode and Multiplayer Mode
HWDOT has updated ZEL, a classic reversible board game of skill and strategy for Android-powered smartphones. The latest version 2.0 has been released with smarter AI and more features. ZEL is a free-to-play mobile game for puzzle fans. Loaded with HD graphics and advanced Articificial Intelligence, ZEL is available now from HWDOT as a free download on Google Play.

ZEL is a simple but challenging board game involving strategy and played by two players on an 8×8 uncheckered board and a set of distinct pieces for each side. The rules of ZEL are much simpler than any other board games. The player's goal is to have a majority of their colored pieces showing at the end of the game, turning over as many of their opponent's discs as possible. You will capture the squares by surrounding your opponents discs and turning them into your colored discs. The player with the most colored disks is the winner of the game.

ZEL is an unique reversible classic game. ZEL offers so many strategic possibilities, where a position with the most counters can turn into an overwhelming loss or a few remaining counters can still win the game! With this free-to-play ZEL game, you can play with a friend who sits next to you or play against computer opponent. The advanced artificial intelligence embeded in the game allows a player to play against a challenging virtual opponent.

ZEL with Challenging Gameplay and Smarter AI

You can play against the computer in Single player mode, or against someone else on the same Android phone/tablet in Multiplayer mode.
★ Single player mode (1-player ~ Human vs CPU)
★ Multiplayer mode (2-players ~ Human vs Human on the same Android device)

ZEL update version 2.0

=== ZEL RULES ===
★ The ZEL game starts with each player having 2 discs on a board.
★ The players alternate turns, each adding an additional disc on the ZEL board.
★ Turn over your opponent's pieces to take over the board, but be aware that the opponent may do the same. A valid move must capture at least one of the opponent's discs. This is done by trapping other pieces between your own to capture them, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally (or a combination of all three). When this happens, the opponent's discs that you have surround become yours.
★ The winner is the one with the most pieces when no more pieces can be played on the board. Game is over when the entire board is filled or when no side can make a valid move.

ZEL with various Background Themes

=== ZEL Update version 2.0 ===
★ New Challenging gameplay with smarter AI.
★ Players switch sides after every restarting the game (Black <~> White) so that everyone has a fair rotation of playing both Black and White.
★ Choose various Background Themes you like.
★ Better layout with simpler user interface.
★ Smaller package and latest Android support.
★ Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

ZEL with simple and neat user interface

Let's play ZEL, a free reversible board game! Play ZEL once and you'll want to play this challenging reversible game more. Lots of fun!

You can now download the ZEL from the official Google Play store.

HWDOT is a developer and publisher of casual games for mobile including Pinkie Pom, Flower Game, 144 Blocks Puzzle, Lolly Pop Bubble Shooter, Pixel Zombie Sniper, 1001+ Emoji Puzzles, Color Queen! Flood Puzzle, Super Game Plus, and ZEL. We specialize in delivering free-to-play mobile games to markets around the world. For more information, please visit www.hwdot.com.
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