1001+ Emoji Puzzles, an extremely addictive quiz Android game!

1001+ Emoji Puzzles with Baby Sumo
HWDOT has released 1001+ Emoji Puzzles, a challenging and extremely addictive emoji puzzle game for Android-powered smartphones. 1001+ Emoji Puzzles is a free-to-play mobile game for all ages. Loaded with THOUSANDS of Emoji Puzzles, 1001+ Emoji Puzzles is available now from HWDOT as a free download on Google Play.

1001+ Emoji Puzzles is a perfect adults and kids game that tests your logic and guessing skills to solve THOUSANDS of interesting Emoji Puzzles. How good are you at face recognition? Take the ultimate Emoji test and find out how many Emoji puzzles you can identify. Can you guess them all?

The idea is simple: you will be shown a series of Emojis where you have to guess what the Emojis represent. Some questions are easy, but others will take some thinking! Answers range from food, places, song titles, TV characters, movies to animals, brands, quotes - and anything in between. It is fun to play when you are boring. See how many you can recognize!

1001+ Emoji Puzzles with over 1100 puzzles and growing
Play with BABY SUMO from Japan who is naturally good at identifying emojis. BABY SUMO is multi-talented. Not only is he cute and good at wrestling, he is also pretty good at speaking English, and of course at solving Emoji Puzzles in a native manner! Are you stuck on a hard Emoji puzzle? What are these Emoticons describing? Do not fear, BABY SUMO is here to save the day!

1001+ Emoji Puzzles with the latest emoji
1001+ Emoji Puzzles comes with the essential autosave feature that automatically saves your game on exit, so you can always continue your progress later. Whenever you’re on the toilet, or in the office toilet, or in the subway, or in the bed, or in other places, you can join the guessing fun at any time!

1001+ Emoji Puzzles will entertain you for hours
1001+ Emoji Puzzles Features
★ Over 1100 puzzles and growing. Updated regularly!
★ Simple user interface (UI) and more beautiful with the latest emoji!
★ HINTS: Are you stuck on a hard Emoji Question? Call BABY SUMO!
★ FREE COINS are awarded to help you figure out the answer! Each puzzle rewards 2 coins!
★ The more emoji puzzles you unlock, the harder the puzzles will be to solve.
★ Autosaved game, Continue your progress later, any time, no matter where you are!
★ Reset game whenever you need to start a new fresh game!
★ One-hand friendly Android game, Designed specifically with the portrait orientation in mind!
★ Frequent application updates!

How to play 1001+ Emoji Puzzles:
- Solve the emoji quiz given by choosing the words that the emojis you are seeing describe.
- The challenge is to identify what the meaning is with as few hints as possible!

Let's Play 1001+ Emoji Puzzles and Challenge your reasoning and logic skills with this awesome guess emoji game! Guess the emoji with addicting 1001+ Emoji Puzzles once and you'll want to play the new amazing emoji quiz game more. Addictive and Lots of fun!

You can now download the 1001+ Emoji Puzzles from the official Google Play store.

HWDOT is a developer and publisher of casual games for mobile including Pinkie Pom, ZEL, Flower Game, 144 Blocks Puzzle, Lolly Pop Bubble Shooter, Pixel Zombie Sniper, and 1001+ Emoji Puzzles. We specialize in delivering free-to-play mobile games to markets around the world. For more information, please visit www.hwdot.com.

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