Color Queen! Flood Puzzle, the most colourful Android puzzle game!

Color Queen! Flood Puzzle with Royal Features
HWDOT has launched Color Queen! Flood Puzzle, a challenging yet addictive brain and puzzle game for Android-powered smartphones. Color Queen! Flood Puzzle is a free-to-play mobile game for all ages. Loaded with classic gameplay plus royal features, Color Queen! Flood Puzzle is available now from HWDOT as a free download on Google Play.

Color Queen! Flood Puzzle is inspired by classic color flood games, Color Queen! is surely one of the best flood it game for everyone, your next free-to-play colorful flood game. The most colourful puzzle game is a flood strategy game based on colors. The objective of this color flood game is to flood fill the game board with one colour. The challenge is to complete the color puzzle with as few moves as possible.

Color Queen! Flood Puzzle comes with multiple game modes, board sizes, color options, royal titles, and also refreshing flood audios (with sound on/off button). You can also change the background with day theme and night theme.

Color Queen! Flood Puzzle with unlimited time/steps

Color Queen! Flood Puzzle Features
★ Simple user interface (UI), Easy to learn with in-game how to play!
★ 4 game modes with different board sizes and color options and nobility titles: Color Lady, Color Duchess, Color Princess, and Color Queen!
★ Refreshing Flood audios with Sound on/off button.
★ Change background. Day theme and Night theme!
★ Autosaved highscores on each mode based on the fewest number of moves you achieved.
★ Reset board whenever you need to start a new fresh colour puzzle!
★ One-hand friendly Android game, Designed specifically with the portrait orientation in mind!

How to play Color Queen! Flood Puzzle:
- Start: You flood it from the top left corner.
- Tap the color box below the board that you want to flood it. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue or Violet.
- Paint the entire field with one colour. Try to flood it in the least amount of moves!

Let's Play Color Queen! Flood Puzzle and Challenge your puzzle game skills with this exciting skill game! Flood it with addicting Color Queen! Flood Puzzle once and you'll want to play this beautiful color flood game more. Addictive and Lots of fun!

You can now download the Color Queen! Flood Puzzle from the official Google Play store.

HWDOT is a developer and publisher of casual games for mobile including Pinkie Pom, ZEL, Flower Game, 144 Blocks Puzzle, Lolly Pop Bubble Shooter, Pixel Zombie Sniper, 1001+ Emoji Puzzles, and Color Queen! Flood Puzzle. We specialize in delivering free-to-play mobile games to markets around the world. For more information, please visit
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