BlackBerry Smartphone + Facebook now supported

BlackBerry Smartphone + Facebook now supported
BlackBerry Smartphone + Facebook. Hooked on Facebook® Now you can take it with you on your BlackBerry® smartphone. Download "Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones" for free and step up your social networking to a whole new level.

Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones Features:
• Send and receive messages, wall posts, and pokes, plus accept new friend requests
• Update your Facebook status and view the status of your friends
• Snap a photo with your BlackBerry smartphone’s camera, then post, tag and comment on it
• Enjoy the familiar Facebook environment optimized for your BlackBerry smartphone

With Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, you have wireless access to:
* Home screen notifications — so you know right away when you have a new Facebook event like a wall post, message or poke
* The full text of new messages or wall posts, new photo tags and friend requests. Plus send your own messages, wall posts, pokes and friend requests
* Your Facebook status and the Facebook status of your friends — change yours from the road!
* All of your Facebook contacts
* Photo-sharing — simply snap a picture with your BlackBerry smartphone’s camera*, then post it to Facebook with one click. Even tag friends in photos
* The Facebook environment you’re already familiar with, optimized for your BlackBerry smartphone

You can already Download Facebook® for BlackBerry from
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