Bubble Town for Facebook

Bubble Town for Facebook
Bubble Town for Facebook. I-play is the latest mobile firm to catch onto the trend, launching a Facebook application based on its new Bubble Town mobile game. I-play publishes great games for mobile phones and works with a broad range of content partners and sales channels to bring mobile gaming to a growing global audience. By bringing their Bubble Town mobile game to Facebook users, they’ve decided to shoot for the mass audience or the so called casual gamers. The idea is the same: fire bubble-like 'borbs' at each other to make combos of three or more, which disappear.

Bubble Town is the ultimate arcade-style puzzle game that will test your wits and your reflexes. Launch the cute bubbles to match 3 or more of the same colour. Be aware: one shot from the chute and you will be hooked!

By now, you’ve probably already played something similar — Bubble Town is pretty much the same as the popular open-source Frozen Bubble game, and it’s your task to make combos of three or more bubbles to remove them from the screen.

The only difference is that you won’t be shooting bubbles but the so called “borbs”. The game also features the seamless integration with your friend list, allowing you to compare score with others.

The game itself is good, and it seamlessly ties into your friend list, so you can see how your score compares to theirs. If you're interested, download the Facebook app.
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