CES 2008 - Quartics Mobile2Display Wirelessly Connect Cellphone to PC

CES 2008 - Quartics Mobile2Display Wirelessly Connect Cellphone to PC
Quartics Introduces Revolutionary Mobile2Display Technology. Quartics Demonstrates Mobile Content Shown on TVs, Projectors and Other Displays at CES 2008. Quartics, the company behind the PC-on-TV solutions peddled by D-Link and others showed its latest spin on the technology, Mobile2Display.

Quartics, a provider of video processing solutions enabling streaming media over wireless and wired networks, today introduces its latest technology—Mobile2Display™. Mobile2Display enables the wireless transmission of content from a mobile device, including Window’s Mobile 5 or 6-based PDAs, SmartPhones, etc., to projectors, TVs and other displays.

Quartics gave a demo allowing Windows Mobile 5 or 6 based phones to send video wirelessly to a TV, with no problems about codecs or formatting, the picture upscaled through Quartics' device to high resolution. It didn't look like much passing by, but the folks at Quartics have come up with a way to transmit your Windows Mobile phone's screen to a display via a Wi-Fi dongle at 8 frames per second, allowing the world (or at least the room) to see what you see on your tiny display. A WM6 program was first on Quartics' agenda but the guys said they were hard at work on an iPhone version that should be coming out soon. Quartics has a similar product called PC2TV, that delivers 1280x720 continuous screen shots wirelessly at 15 frames per second, with 30fps if you can get your screen res down to 1280x720.

Leveraging Quartics’ award-winning PC2TV technology, Mobile2Display allows consumers to wirelessly send content from a mobile phone to a display of their choice. For example, a business professional could open a PowerPoint presentation on a PDA and wirelessly transmit the presentation to a projector or flat screen—without having to use a personal computer. Similarly, cell phone users can transmit their photos and videos to a larger display, such as a TV or projector, making it easy to view and share them with friends.

“Smart phones and mobile devices are rapidly becoming our personal computers,” said Safi Qureshey, Chairman and CEO of Quartics. “However, in the past they have been hampered by small screens and limited connectivity to other output displays. We have changed all that. We allow mobile phone users to show their content on their display of choice—all wirelessly. Cell phone content will no longer be limited to the tiny, small screen. Business users will no longer need to carry PCs for presentations; they can do it from their smart phones.” Quartics’ will be demonstrating Mobile2Display technology at the CES Show (Booth 70230- MP) as well as the CES ShowStoppers event (January 7 at 6 p.m.). (www.Quartics.com)
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