iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Troubleshooting - Tips for Problems and Fixes

iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Troubleshooting - Tips for Problems and Fixes
There are more problems reported with iPhone Firmware 1.1.3. Some iPhone 1.1.3 problems: Bluetooth, email, sound missing, and more. One member of AT&T's Apple forum warns that when he called tech support, "they temporarily 'fixed' it but in the process I got charged by the kbyte ($15 for two websites). AT&T reversed the charges and repaired the billing problem, but said that I will be charged by the kbyte until this problem is fixed (no ETA) and will have to call in for every charge to get it reversed."

These are tips for your iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 problems. Step by step to fix.

iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Problems and Fixes:
1. Problems: iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 fails to apply: Update to iTunes 7.6.
If you are experiencing an issue where the iPhone 1.1.3 fails to apply, either during an update or restore, with one of the following error messages:
* “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (6).”
* Error 1602
* Error -18
* etc.
+ Try updating to iTunes 7.6 then running the update again.
+ Another potential fix is to put the iPhone in recovery mode then restore it.

2. Problems: Sound missing.
A number of users have lost sound output from their iPhones’ built-in speakers (earpiece and internal speaker) after applying the 1.1.3 update.
+ Turn your iPhone off then back on
+ Insert headphones into the audio jack and remove them then repeat the process (several tries may be required)

3. Problems: Bluetooth device compatibility.
Some users have reported that certain previously compatible Bluetooth devices no longer work properly with their iPhones after the 1.1.3 update. The sudden incompatibility of some previously working Bluetooth devices — particularly GPS units from Garmin (StreetPilot C550, Nuvi 360, 760, etc.), some integrated car Bluetooth systems and more.
+ Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC then press the “Restore” button in iTunes. When prompted, choose the option “Set up as new iPhone.” Once the phone has been restored, re-attempt pairing with the problematic Bluetooth device. Unfortunately, this solution will result in the erasure of some custom settings on the phone.

+ Reset Network settings Tap Settings, Tap General, Tap Reset, Tap Reset Network Settings. This will cause your iPhone to restart, and will delete any stored Wi-Fi passwords as well as DNS settings and more. It may, however, restore your ability to pair with and use Bluetooth devices.

+Toggle Airplane mode Turn Bluetooth off, then navigate to Settings, then slide Airplane Mode to On, wait a few seconds, then slide it back to Off. It seems that discontinuing and restarting the EDGE and WiFi components in the iPhone can restore connectivity.

4. Problems: Mail problems.
Some users are reporting that the iPhone’s Mail application is failing to download messages since the 1.1.3 update.
+ If you are experiencing this problem, try the following: Tap Settings, then tap Mail. Select the account with which you are having problems and delete it (via the “Delete Account” button at the bottom of the account screen) then re-establish it.
+ Or. try resetting network settings.

5. Problems: iPhone Wi-Fi/EDGE problems
iPhone refuses to access network data (Web pages [Safari reports “Safari can’t open the page because it can’t find the server.”], email, Google Maps data, etc.)
+ Reset network settings.
1. Tap Settings
2. Tap General
3. Tap Reset
4. Tap Reset Network Settings

This will cause your iPhone to restart, and will delete any stored Wi-Fi passwords as well as DNS settings and more. It may, however, restore your ability to join a stubborn wireless network, let you access stalled Web pages, or eliminate issues with EDGE data access that can occur for various reasons.
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Stone242 said...

U R GREAT, problem with EDGE SETTINGS already fixed, thanx.


rohan said...

my wifi isnt working in my iphone 1.1.3. i tried fixing according the way as said bout fixes of wifi . what can be done more bout this plz help asap.

multicellphone said...

If that fails, try resetting all settings.

jordan said...

HELP!!! Whenever I use certain Jailbreak 1.1.4 apps they randomly crash! I've tried almost everything to fix it but nothing works. Please help.

Mardo said...

My keyboard of cours not builtin keyboards IkeyEx keyboards
are not working with version 3.0 please let me know how can i solwe this problom

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