Ma.gnolia Mobile via Cell Phone

Ma.gnolia Mobile via Cell Phone
Ma.gnolia Mobile via Cell Phone. Ma.gnolia web-based bookmarking service finally launched the mobile version of their website. Now you’ll be able to access and view the most popular bookmarks from all users, your contacts bookmarks or your own bookmarks by tag. The mobile version allows searching through your own tags (if you are logged in). It currently has easy access to see that is newly bookmarked in Ma.gnolia groups you follow, your contact's bookmarks, popular bookmarks, your own tags, and your profile.

Ma.gnolia has a bookmarklet for one click bookmarking from PC browsers which I've modified it to work with Opera Mini, Netfront and Internet Explorer Mobile. You can find it on the Yeswap Opera Mini Bookmarklets page at where there are also instructions on how to install bookmarlets on mobile browsers without having to type them in.

To access the service from your mobile phone, simply point your web browser to and sign in. OpenID works here, too.
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