New Ultra-Personalized Mobile Content from Myxer

New Ultra-Personalized Mobile Content from Myxer
New Ultra-Personalized Mobile Content from Myxer launched by Myxer, one of the largest and fastest growing sites for free mobile content. This is an enhancement to the Myxer Platform that enables the distribution of customized, ultra-personalized mobile content that is unique to each individual user, through the use of a simple web-based interface.

“Our new personalization technology has great applications in the corporate, entertainment, advertising and consumer worlds of mobile content,” said Myk Willis, founder and chief technology officer of Myxer. “Personalizing ringtones and wallpapers certainly makes downloading mobile content more fun, but it also allows companies to strongly brand themselves and make highly unique offerings for their customers.”

“The LOL Family is all about letting users express themselves creatively, and how much more personal can you get these days than how your mobile phone looks and sounds,” said Regis Ducatillon, president of the LOL Family. “Myxer’s technology allows our users to quickly and easily bring an added dimension of fun and personalization to their phones.”

Myxer’s new personalization technology is specifically intended to deliver the right custom content to the right user, as soon as that content is dynamically created. For content engines that generate images and/or audio files dynamically, perhaps by inserting a user’s image into a template, or by splicing together audio clips to create a personalized one, Myxer’s technology allows the delivery of this content to a mobile audience.

Myxer, with more than 4.5 million users and over 9 million mobile downloads per month at, is one of the largest communities for free mobile content. Myxer’s mobile technology solutions reach more phones with more formats than any other mobile service, and its new personalization technology now allows content creators and users to customize their mobile content more than ever before. More detailed information on Myxer’s personalization technology can be found at
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