Nokia N95 8GB Firmware Update 2008

Nokia N95 8GB Firmware Update 2008
Nokia N95 8GB Firmware v15 Update has been officially released by Nokia. The firmware is v15.0.015. This new version features various upgrades, bug fixes and speed boosts.

Speed of booting has been improved, by another 20%, the N95 8GB is almost as fast as a feature phone from a cold start now. Speed of access to the integral 8GB flash memory disk has been improved. Doing an 'Image store' from PC Suite only took 30 seconds to scan your device, rather than several minutes on v11 firmware.

Nokia N95 8GB Firmware v15.0.015 Updates include Flash Lite 3 video support and the Web Run Time engine (Widgets), which are present on the iPhone in the form of the Weather and Stocks applications. Web Run Time (WRT) is the run time for Nokia's new Widget platform. Widgets are applications that look like normal S60 applications but are powered by the same engine as the Web browser.

Nokia N95 8GB firmware v15.0.015 firmware firstly adds support for YouTube, which on the iPhone and iPod touch is given a dedicated browser; on the N95 however, users must visit the site through the phone’s web browser. YouTube videos can be viewed in the browser. Clicking on a Flash Lite (e.g. YouTube video player) element fits it to full screen for optimal viewing.

Nokia N95 8GB firmware v15.0.015 is available now from Nokia Software Update.
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Moleman said...

Being new to this whole smartphone arena, I have been trying to download the up date using Nokia Software updater, yet it seems to not want to download properly, but after nearly 20 atempts, I finally seem to have optained this update, yet to witness these updates, but will post them when they are witnessed

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