Palm Centro for T-Mobile?

Palm Centro for T-Mobile?
Palm Centro for T-Mobile? Palm Centro is rumored to be available soon for T-Mobile. T-Mobile in particular may have been specifically attracted by the strong positioning of the Centro in the youth market – an area that the carrier has always been very specific in targeting. At only $99 with a contract the Centro has clearly attracted a large audience that has been exposed to the iPhone marketing machine but unable or unwilling to buy one.

If that was true, it would be consistent with T-Mobile’s strategy of offering cheaper rates for 2.5G and basic services.

Sprint is selling it for $99 (with a contract, $399 without), which is arguably attractive. But you could also get a Samsung Blackjack II for free (with a contract) on Amazon.

T-Mobile Palm Centro would make sense seeing as Sprint has seen brisk sales of the handset and now their exclusivity deal with Palm is coming to an end. AT&T has also been rumored to be getting the Palm Centro, so maybe we’ll see all three of the major carriers getting this great handset. If the T-Mobile Palm Centro turns out to be true, you can bet it’ll be a huge hit, as was Sprint’s version. The handset is cheap, small and feature-packed.
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