Sony Ericsson Gold Star P1i Chinese Clone with 2 SIM Slots

Sony Ericsson Gold Star P1i Chinese Clone with 2 SIM Slots
Sony Ericsson P1i Chinese Clone with 2 SIM Slots is so called Gold Star P1i. This " fake P1i " comes with two SIM card slots feature, TV Receiver, Media Player, Bluetooth, Camera, Video Recorder, FM Radio, and microSD memory slot.

Just looking at the pictures, most of the Sony Ericsson fans will clearly notice which of the devices is the original Symbian UIQ3 based smartphone and which is the fake one. Eventhough the phone got itself some built-in High Quality Speakers. You can record video in Mpeg4 and H.263 formats.

The phone offers Bluetooth connectivity and an FM Radio. The organizer functions seem to be basic for a so called smartphone, thus you can get only Calendar, To Do List, Alarm and a Calculator.

Gold Star P1i with 2 SIM Slots

There is another thing that can't compete with the original Sony Ericsson P1i: the Chinese 'fake P1i' Phone Book allows only 500 contacts.

Although This 'Sony Ericsson' Gold Star P1i Chinese Clone is interesting. Still, looking over the specs of the Chinese phone, we can't say they are bad. But, when one copies others' phone, not much remains to be said. To tell the truth, No clone can replace the real thing.
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6 comments on "Sony Ericsson Gold Star P1i Chinese Clone with 2 SIM Slots"

P1i_F@n said...

i soo agree with u that the 'fake' Gold star p1i can't replace my original SE P1i at all. I love my real p1i.. =]

Prosper Adabla said...

You are all missing the point. What makes the chinese clone most critically important is the dual sim feature. In Africa where everyone now has to carry two phones to accomodate the numerous phone companies competing,a dual sim card phone beats any original phone hands down.

Feke said...

Well.. I'm a P1i owner. I LOVE my P1i. But this one is also a cool stuff, 'cause it looks like a P1i. :D If it would be available here in Hungary, I would buy one. Just for fun. It has built in tv, that my device doesn't have, so, noone can say, that it is a bad fake p1i. It's just a chinise phone in almost P1i clothes. Funny one. I'd pay for it. :D

Henry said...

Ive bought one of those fake phones before in the past. It was an iPhone clone, and whilst it looked good from the outside, the inner technology is very backward and leads to frustration and longing for the real thing. You get what you pay for I guess.

helen said...

I just bought this one from www. totobay .com, very nice feature, dual sim card function is awesome ! But the camera is not good, anyway, cheap price is worth to buy.

Erika said...

yo todabia no veo la diferencia entre uno de verdad y un falso quisiera que por favor me envien el manual no se como manejar es mucha tecnologia para mi

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