Verizon New V CAST Video Content CES 2008

Verizon New V CAST Video Content CES 2008. In terms of mobile media, Verizon has managed to stay on top of things, gaining several partnerships for content and game distribution, a deal with artists to sell music, and more. It’s clear that the mobile industry is pretty focused on entertainment, and it seems all the more important thanks to the CES 2008 in Vegas this week.

Verizon Wireless New Content for its V Cast Video service, which costs $15 a month:
+ Fox Soccer Channel: This will offer highlights from the English Barclays Premier League, and will deliver more than 35 video clips per week—including near-live, in-game coverage. It’s included in the monthly package.
+ Video from this men-focused site is included in the overall price.
+ TokyoPop: The Anime/Asian content producer now has a channel on V Cast, showing “15 to 20 four- to six-minute videos will appear on the service each week”.
+ Hip Hop Official: This is from GoTV, and includes artist interviews and performances, as well as news and reviews about whatever interests the hip hop crowd. It costs an extra $4.99 a month.
+ Sundance Channel: This will include daily updates from the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, clips from prior festivals featuring Robert Redford and Crispin Glover, a number of short films and segments from Sundance Channel’s original series Big Ideas for a Small Planet. It’s included in the monthly package.
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