C-002 HiPhone - 99% iPhone Clone

C-002 HiPhone - 99% iPhone Clone
C-002 HiPhone - 99% iPhone Clone. While others are concentrating R&D resources on design and UI tweaks (remember, the future of mobile is the user experience), the Chinese-made C-002 basically takes Apple's iPhone design and stuffs its own guts inside. Now, Apple never intended for the iPhone to be a "reference" design, but we're sure the authorities in the Far East won't mind if anyone rips off Apple's work. C-002 claims a "rock solid 99% iPhone clone".

Not only has this iPhone clone come to being closest copy of the Apple Phone, it is almost just as popular to consumers. And like many imitators of the iPhone, it beats the original in some areas. The C-002 holds two SIM cards at the same time, supports MMS and the built-in camera has video capture capability. Actually, with Trans-flash (microSD) expansion and removable batteries (not to mention the video recording and dual SIM card support), the C-002 offers everything that is lacking on the real iPhone.

In fact, some of the largest differences between this phone and its inspiration are improvements: a removable battery, dual SIM cards and a microSD slot. The C-002 has a fairly "janky" look to it. But for $239, you really can't complain.

C-002 HiPhone Features:
+ 3.5" big screen that supports finger touch and no keypad, touch pen needed.
+ Triband GSM 900/1800/1900MHz that supports USA GSM standard.
+ Dual SIM slots that holds two SIM chips and supports SIM card switching.
+ SMS, MMS, voicemail and cell broadcast
+ MP3, MP4, file playing, recording, phone call recording.
+ Capturing, video capturing, photo viewing, playing
+ Web addresses entering; web browsing, WAP setting, web address management.
+ Unlocked to any major network carrier.
+ TF card supported.
+ Diversified screen switch
+ One-Key return
+ Hands free speaker phone. 3D sound.
+ Bluetooth supported.
+ Automatic screen rotation
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3 comments on "C-002 HiPhone - 99% iPhone Clone"

sdfhaahfjaew said...

mp3 album art?
video mkv support?
is/are speakers on the side?
customize icons?
20 icons? is that a real 3.5 screen?
install apps?

Pat said...

I bought this. and WTF most of the stuff is in Chinese. Couldn't figure out hw to go about the GPRS settings with feeding IP addresses and VPN as in the real iphone. GPRS still doesn;t work. Damn

saher said...

how to open it back side

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