Epocware Oxford Russian Dictionary on Samsung i450, i550, i560Smartphones

Epocware Oxford Russian Dictionary on Samsung i450, i550, i560Smartphones
Epocware Oxford Russian Dictionary on Samsung i450, i550, i560 Smartphones. One of the largest smartphone application developers, Epocware, recently announced a deal with Samsung to pre-install Oxford Russian Dictionary on the handset maker's i450, i550 and i560 smartphones.

Under the agreement, buyers of the mentioned Symbian Symbian S60 based devices in Russia, will be able to use Epocware's SlovoEd-powered dictionary, which contains more than 290,000 translations — including modern idioms, British, American English and regional Russian dialects, along with numerous illustrative examples. In addition, the Oxford Russian Dictionary includes "all common abbreviations and acronyms, and helpful advice on difficult points of grammar and pronunciation".

The Oxford Russian Dictionary offers a comprehensive look at both languages, it includes over 185,000 words and phrases and 290,000 translations. The dictionary provides exceptional coverage of regional Russian, British, and American dialects as well as of modern idioms and colloquial usage, with numerous illustrative examples. It also includes all common abbreviations and acronyms, such as DTP, ROM, AIDS, and others; helpful advice on difficult points of grammar; and pronunciation in the International Phonetic Alphabet for every English headword, an indispensable aid for Russian speakers. Unsurpassed in convenience and in comprehensive, reliable coverage, this new edition of The Oxford Russian Dictionary will be the first choice for students, teachers, translators, and anyone who needs to keep abreast of the Russian language as it is spoken.

Besides, with Oxford you get:
+ Table of irregular verbs for English
+ Cross-lookup feature between articles and language directions to check your comprehension
+ Search History to see the translation last 15 words
+ Dictionary installation on memory cards to save main memory-space for another programs and applications
+ Merging of several dictionary databases in case they have a similar linguistic direction
+ Installation of several dictionaries with various language choice (rapid switch among dictionaries, dictionary activation/deactivation option)
+ Customizable interface (you can set letter size, colour)
+ English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian interface languages

There you have it. Samsung devices just got better. Now, it's about time to bring them to Europe and elsewhere.
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shubham said...

nice dictinary

Gabriel said...

Yes, it is very nice and it is good when a dictionary is combined with a text translator for mobiles. I several different dictionaries and a text translator on my BlackBerry http ://home.interlecta.com . The thing is that I am not sure if this translator works with a Samsung but there are other translators for J2ME phones so anyone can choose.

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