Facebook app by Shazam

Facebook app by Shazam
Facebook app by Shazam. Shazam has announced the launch of a Facebook app that enables Shazam users to put on their Facebook profile songs that they have recently captured vua Shazam's service.

“Social networks are fundamentally changing the way people discover, purchase and consume music,” says Shazam CEO, Andrew Fisher. “Whether they are used to share and recommend music, reflect a person’s mood or personality, or communicate music tastes
, it is clear that they offer tremendous value. We are thrilled to be announcing Shazam’s Facebook application and are confident it will offer our users an even richer, more engaging music experience.”

Shazam enables music fans to use their mobile phone to identify, purchase and interact with music. More than 11 million people have used Shazam’s mobile services since launch. The company is extending its global footprint, launching services in 25 new countries, giving it coverage across 45 markets in all major territories including the US, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

For those of you that don't know, by dialing 2580 in the UK, you can hold the phone to any music source, and after 20 seconds or so you will be texted the song details - sounds implausible, but it really does work.

This app can be reached by going to the Shazam website or the Facebook application directly. You need to register your name/number so that Shazam and Facebook can sync up. After this is done, any "tagged" songs will have their details shown on your profile. User will also be able to share music with friends, and look at the most popular tagged tracks.
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