GSMA MWC 2008 Alternative Stats

GSMA MWC 2008 Alternative Stats
GSMA MWC 2008 Alternative Stats. OnePointSurveys and mBlox have released their final "Alternative Congress Stats wrap-up" - for those of you not familiar, mBlox commissioned OnePointSurveys to conduct SMS surveys of essentially non-important, light-hearted topics each day. Below you'll find the results of the demographics survey (comments welcome), but there are also some quite amusing ones in the full results.

* 90% of Mobile World Congress shoes are black.
* 92% of people were shorter than 6ft
* 85% people are wearing suits
* 75% of people have more than one mobile but alarmingly 2% left theirs at home!
* 60% of people had water for lunch, 5% alcohol, 30% fruit juice, 40% coffee
* 45% of people look tired (on the Wednesday)
* Blue is the most popular tie colour
* Attendee hair colour: 0.5% ginger, 40% black, 7% grey, 37% brunette/brown 10% Blonde, 6% N/A
* 15% are women (this rises to 20% in Hall 7)
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