Helio Plan Unlimited $99

Helio Plan Unlimited $99
Helio Plan Unlimited $99. Helio has just lowered the price of their unlimited rate plans from $145 to just $99/month. The Helio unlimited plan offers unlimited voice minutes, data, and SMS text messages for a new, low price of $99. Helio really means unlimited when they say that this is the unlimited plan. There are no limits on minutes, text messages, video messages, instant messages, emails, 3G web surfing, GPS services, file transfers, or use of MySpace Mobile. A flat rate with no surprises. The new $99 Helio unlimited plan doesn't allow device-tethering, but it's still a good deal for heavy-talkers/data-consumers.

With most carriers steering away from unlimited data plans, Helio's offer seems like a great alternative, but be sure you review chapter 10 of their Membership Terms before signing up. The policy states, "Unlimited does not mean unreasonable, so generally, excessive or abusive usage is characterized by monthly EVDO data usage of 160 megabytes or more.” So basically if Helio feels you are abusing the system they reserve the right to terminate your contract without notice.

Helio Unlimited Plan Features $99
+ Text Messaging : Unlimited
+ Picture Messaging : Unlimited
+ Video Messaging : Unlimited
+ Mobile MySpace : Unlimited
+ Web Browsing : Unlimited
+ HOT (n/a on Ocean) : Unlimited
+ File Transfer : Unlimited
+ High Speed 3G : Unlimited
+ Buddy Beacon : Unlimited
+ Web Browsing : Unlimited
+ GPS-enabled Google Maps : Unlimited
+ Talk: Nights & Weekends : Unlimited
+ Talk: Mobile-to-Mobile : Unlimited

What does this price-cut mean for Helio? One way to look at it is that Helio is just trying to expand its customer-base by playing around with rate-plan prices. On the other hand, Helio may be hurting for more customers. When carriers find themselves short on subscribers (and cash), they generally slash prices - which is exactly what Voce kept doing before their network went dark a couple days ago. After all, Helio has to make sure it puts that fresh $70 cash infusion to good use.
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