HTC improving Video Acceleration

HTC improving Video Acceleration
HTC improving Video Acceleration. It's always nice to see corporate big-wigs actually putting the customer ahead of any internal-policy nonsense. HTC has apparently done an about-face regarding the poor video performance on their HTC smartphones that use Qualcomm's MSM7500 and MSM7200 chipsets. Peter Chou, HTC's CEO, and Dr. Florian Seiche, Vice President of HTC Europe, have both stated that HTC will be rolling out some improved video performance for some of its smartphones.

There were reports from the website that HTC is planning to release some video drivers that would leverage the video acceleration features of the Imageon hardware, but Engadget Mobile has confirmed that there will be no video drivers. Rather, HTC will be optimizing the existing firmware that should squeeze a bit more video-juice from afflicted smartphones. It should be interesting to see just how much this optimization will affect video performance.

We're looking at a March release of the new software update. Stay tuned.
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