iPhone Dev Team Jailbreak "Real" Method on eBay

iPhone Dev Team Jailbreak "Real" Method on eBay
iPhone Dev Team Jailbreak "Real" Method on eBay. The "real" iPhone Jailbreak method is for sale on eBay. Well, it is not the actual jailbreak method itself that's for sale, but rather an iPhone that has been jailbroken using this method. The current jailbreak is referred to as a "soft jailbreak" because it doesn't really alter the iPhone v1.1.3 baseband or kernel.

Jonathan Zdziarski's iPhone uses the "Secret" jailbreak that the iPhone Dev Team uses to jailbreak their own iPhones - a method that modifies the baseband and kernel for fully compliant, bug-less jailbreak firmware. He has put his own jailbroken iPhone 4GB up on eBay with the following description:

“This 4GB iPhone has been my development phone since Apple’s initial release. It has been with me when we first jail-broke firmware 1.0.0, was used when I wrote ‘iPhone Open Application Development,’ and today is proudly running the ‘private’ jailbreak of firmware 1.1.3.

“The private jailbreak is how members of the dev-team jailbreak our own phones, but is not presently available to the public. This is one of the only ‘true’ jailbreaks out there for v1.1.3, and as such is running the 1.1.3 baseband, 1.1.3 kernel, and is activated - running flawlessly with the native Google location service, fully functioning sync, sound, and all other features as a proper upgrade does. The firmware was updated directly in iTunes, and so is a completely legal software revision to include with the iPhone. As a week 23 phone, this iPhone has the older boot-loader, which allows for unlocking. 1.1.3 unlocking development is underway, but will require an older bootloader like this one. And if you can’t wait then you can always downgrade the baseband when the next firmware version rolls out.”

If you want to have a piece of Apple iPhone history, head on over to iPhone Dev Team Jailbreak "Real" Method on eBay.
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