iPhone Speed Dial Application

iPhone Speed Dial Application
iPhone Speed Dial Application. We know that iPhone lacks a speed dial function, as most of the other mobile phones have. Lack of the real speed dial feature on the iPhone may be frustrating for some people who by now got used to the idea of keeping the phone numbers of their close friends and family members only a click away. Apparently this isn't a problem anymore, because Big Boss Source created an app that finally offers real speed dialing for Apple's handset.

Users will no longer need to type a tel:// URL and a number then validate the call via a Safari pop-up. The new app allows you to simply tap once on a person's name from the contact list and it will dial that person's number. Named exactly Speed Dial, this new speed dial app from Big Boss is compatible with firmware 1.1.3 and it is GUI based, hence easy to use. It provides a Contacts app / address book, so users won't have to keep a separate icon on the home screen just for Contacts.

Yes, The application eliminates browsing through contacts for the favorite phone numbers. Simply start it and pick a person from the previously defined list of contacts and watch it happening.

In order to use the application, you'll need to add Big Boss to the Installer (http:// sleepers.net/iphonerepo), find speed dial in the Utilities section, and you're ready to go. Best of all, the Speed Dial app works with the latest iPhone firmware 1.1.3. Of course, you'll need to jailbrake your iPhone first.
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3 comments on "iPhone Speed Dial Application"

Dezso said...

This no way close to the speed dial I have on my MOTO, like press and hold a digit and dial the assigned contact.
Iphone has a long way to go b4 replace my cell phone.

Linda said...

I went into Cydia and input the url but it cannot find it. My iphone is a 3.0, unlocked and jailbroken. Am I missing a step somewhere. This sounds like a great app and something I would use alot.

Brian said...

Hey, also consider checking out cliqcliq Speed Dial

http: //www.cliqcliq.com/speed-dial/www/

You can even upload photos from your photo library or take a pic (using Quickpic).

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