Iris Browser for Windows Mobile

Iris Browser for Windows Mobile
Iris Browser for Windows Mobile. One of the world's most experienced developers of WebKit-based software solutions, Torch Mobile has unveiled its new WebKit-based browser for Windows Mobile at the Mobile World Congress 2008 in Spain. Similarly to Apple's Safari and Nokia's S60 Browser, the so called Iris Browser delivers much faster (than IE) web browsing experience on all smartphones and PDAs powered by Microsoft's mobile OS.

And while we've seen this (WebKit on Windows Mobile) happening in the past, it's nice to hear that the new browser should "work wonders" for the Windows Mobile users — including customizable UI, touchscreen and rotating screen support, multi-window and multi-tab browsing, several zoom modes (including block zoom), and advanced security and privacy features (SSL, anti-phishing and pop-up blocking).

Iris Browser Features :
+ Touch screen and rotating screen support
+ Multi-window and multi-tab browsing
+ Several zoom modes (including block zoom)
+ Customizable user interface
+ Advanced security and privacy features (SSL, anti-phishing, and pop-up blocking).

The Iris Browser has been developed to support a variety of popular mobile environments. The first version available for open public beta supports Windows Mobile 6, with additional versions already developed for Trolltech's Qt embedded 2.3, Qtopia Core 4.3, and Qtopia 4.3.

You can already download a free preview of the Iris Browser for Windows Mobile 6 from
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