MSN Direct for Windows Mobile

MSN Direct for Windows Mobile
MSN Direct for Windows Mobile. Microsoft announced they are bringing MSN Direct content to Windows Mobile-based devices. The idea is to provide customers with instant access to information such as weather and stock updates; top news stories; and entertainment, sports and business news. The information is presented in a "glanceable format," and is easily accessible directly from the home screen of a device. Content is automatically updated so that customers have immediate access to the content that matters most to them.

Windows Mobile customers interested in downloading the MSN Direct technology preview can use either of the following methods:

- Via mobile browser. From the Web browser on their mobile phone, users go to and follow the instructions on the page to download and install MSN Direct.
- Via PC. Users download MSN Direct to their PC and copy it over to their device using whatever software they normally use (such as ActiveSync). On the device, they click on the MSN Direct file to begin installation.

MSN Direct application is free to download; MSN Direct requires data connectivity from a wireless carrier, which may charge additional fees. Consumers should check with their wireless provider for its coverage areas and service fees.

About MSN Direct
MSN Direct, part of the Smart Personal Objects Technology initiative, is a specialized wireless service that delivers customized and personalized information to people.

The MSN Direct content is supplied by a number of leading partners, including Foreca for current weather information, Comstock Resources for stock prices, and MSNBC for the wide gamut of news offerings.

More information is available from MSN Direct website (
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