Nortel Networks Evolved EDGE

Nortel Networks Evolved EDGE. Nortel Networks has announced their new Evolved EDGE technology that will allow EDGE network operators to squeeze 3G speeds out of their poky 2.5G system. A simple software upgrade for an existing EDGE network enables Evolved EDGE and can more than double the spectral efficiency. The upgrade increases data performance rate with a downlink throughput of up to 1.2 Mbps with reduced latency. How does 1.2Mbps on the downstream sound? It probably sounds like money in the bank for carriers that are relying mainly on EDGE for their data services.

"Today, network-wide data services are delivered by EDGE," said Graham Richardson, general manager GSM, Nortel. "Tomorrow, broadband data services will be delivered by Evolved EDGE which will bring two to four times the speed of EDGE. This evolution of GSM technology provides a cost-effective bridge to LTE and full service continuity between GSM and LTE. For operators, Nortel's Evolved EDGE solution supports mobile broadband in a cost-effective manner."

The Nortel Networks-developed Evolved EDGE technology is supposed to be a simple upgrade for existing EDGE infrastructure, making it an attractive option for EDGE networks. You get 3G speeds while using the same bandwidth as GSM/EDGE.

Evolved EDGE uses the same spectrum as GSM and EDGE and allows broadband speeds to be supported across the existing network. Evolved EDGE standardization is under finalization in 3GPP Rel-7 and will be introduced to commercial networks in 2009.

Now, Nortel Networks is pushing their Evolved EDGE tech as a cost-effective bridge between GSM and LTE. The keyword here is "cost-effective." The big players in the wireless game know that HSPA is where its at right now, and LTE is where it's going to be in a couple years. The bridge is supposed to be HSPA+, but if Nortel wants to call their Evolved EDGE a bridge, we're not gonna stop them.

We'll take some HSPA+ please. Hold the EDGE, it makes us bloated.
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Niclas said...

This is actually very important for the countryside that will never get HSPA or LTE.

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