Orange, ACCESS - LiMo Foundation New Members

Orange, ACCESS - LiMo Foundation New Members
Orange, ACCESS - LiMo Foundation New Members. LiMo announced two new members at the Mobile World Congress - France Telecom owned Orange and the Palm OS owner - ACCESS. What that means for the platform is hard to say — it's certainly a good thing — especially the inclusion of ACCESS' ALP platform — but we still wait to see something powerful released wearing the LiMo badge.

“The reputations of Orange and ACCESS for leadership within the Mobile Linux community are widely recognized, so these companies represent major additions to LiMo Foundation’s governing board,” said Morgan Gillis, executive director, LiMo Foundation.

“Both Orange and ACCESS will make an invaluable contribution to delivering the LiMo Platform™ as a consistent, open source-based software platform that will benefit the entire mobile industry.”

Speaking of available devices at MWC, LiMo members have showcased their Linux-devices like U9, Z6w, Z6, RAZR2 V8 and E8 from Motorola; SGH-i800 from Samsung; and NTT DoCoMo's FOMA N905i, FOMA N905i?, FOMA N705i, FOMA N705i?, FOMA P905i, FOMA P905iTV, FOMA P705i and FOMA P705i?. In addition, LG, Aplix and Purple Labs have showcased their prototypes and reference handsets — LG LiMo Phone, OPAL and Purple Magic respectively.

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