Qualcomm QSC6295 for Mobile Internet in Q1 2009

Qualcomm QSC6295 for Mobile Internet in Q1 2009
Qualcomm QSC6295 for Mobile Internet in Q1 2009. Qualcomm, a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies and data solutions introduced a new single-chip solution bringing unprecedented multimedia and broadband capabilities to the mass-market tier, The Qualcomm Single Chip QSC6295.

Qualcomm QSC6295 leverages advanced 45 nanometer CMOS process technology and combines rich multimedia, power-saving innovations and broadband data speeds. With support for downloads of up to 10.2 Mbps, uploads of up to 5.76 Mbps, compelling multimedia content and integrated Bluetooth/FM/GPS, the QSC6295 is "helping drive the migration of popular Internet community and media sharing services to the
mobile space."

The QSC6295 offers a unique combination of advanced modem capabilities, including HSPA and HSPA+, and rich multimedia features to deliver a truly next-generation mobile user experience on mass-market handsets. With the addition of the QSC6295 solution to Qualcomm's roadmap, complementing Qualcomm's entry-level solutions -- such as the QSC6240(TM) and QSC6270(TM) -- and dual-core Smartphone chipsets such as the QSC7230(TM), the Company's single-chip family now spans all market segments, providing highly integrated, cost-effective solutions for device manufacturers targeting any market tier. The QSC6295 integrates baseband, multimedia processing and radio functionality into a single chip, delivering significant cost- and time-to-market advantages to help drive wireless broadband and 3G adoption in mass markets around the world.

Qualcomm QSC6295 key features:
+ 400 MHz ARM 11 CPU
+ Support for WQVGA video playback and recording with TV-out
+ 5.0 megapixel camera
+ 3D hardware-accelerated graphics
+ Integrated gpsOne baseband and radio
+ Integrated Bluetooth baseband and radio, FM radio and USB 2.0 HS
+ Support for all UMTS bands and quad-band EGPRS, as well as receive diversity for enhanced data throughput performance
+ 12mm x 12mm package
+ several features of the UMTS Rel. 7 standard (HSPA+) are also on board

QSC6295 integrates several features of the UMTS Rel. 7 standard (HSPA+) to deliver increased battery life, as well as a more instant experience with reduced lag -- essential for truly mobile Internet that is always on and responsive. We can't wait to see and play with the first devices that use Qualcomm QSC6295. Sample units arrive in Q1 2009.
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