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Skyfire Browser Review. From the last post, Skyfire Browser for Windows Mobile, you know that this Flash-enabled browser could seriously turn the mobile-browsing game on its head. Dynamic Flash, AJAX, Java, Skyfire's got all the angles covered. It's good enough that your main limitation in browsing is going to be the size and resolution of your smartphone's screen, and Skyfire is even able to compensate for that.

Now, there is a review of the pre-beta software. was able to play with the browser and came way with a positive impression.

Skyfire Browser Review browser preview
Full web-sites not only open with haste (the New York Times webpage loaded in 4 seconds), Skyfire apparently uses the iPhone-approach to mobile browsing. The full web-page (not a stripped-down mobile version) is shrunken down to fit the screen, and a simple tap-tap zooms in to a particular portion of the site. And, YouTube videos play right from the Skyfire browser.

Once the webpage is loaded, you'll likely need to zoom in on article-text before you can read them. But, zooming in to a particular article can result in text that's wider than your screen. Skyfire's SmartFit feature resizes the article's text to fit the handset's display.

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Google Maps works just like it does on your desktop. While other devices rely on mobile applications of Google Maps, Skyfire can take advantage of the online-based Google Maps full-featured interface - sweet.

Coming Soon
Skyfire has just announced a private beta for Windows Mobile phones in the U.S. The company promises it will introduce a version for Symbian smartphones in the coming months, and other platforms and countries are on the product roadmap. It's keeping mum about what these are, though. You can sign-up for the private beta by visiting There is no charge.

Screenshots from and this is the video :

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