Sony Ericsson Multimedia Communication Suite (MCS)

Sony Ericsson Multimedia Communication Suite (MCS)
Sony Ericsson have launched the "Ericsson Multimedia Communication Suite (MCS)", with the goal of integrating web 2.0 content feeds in to the UI. The UI will be making an appearance on select devices, such as the SE W760i. End users will have access to new services from existing applications - so for example, knowing presence information about friends through the contact listing in their address book.

The research completed by Ericsson prior to product launch, showed that there is strong demand for the mobilisation of communication services on the internet - for example chat, sending files and presence.

The intuitive user interface integrates new MCS applications such as chat and file transfer smoothly with existing voice, video call, SMS and MMS services. Having all contacts and services available through one presence-enabled address book creates a feeling of being closer to friends and family.

Ericsson MCS will initially be available for selected Sony Ericsson feature phones. The MCS is built on IMS architecture, and has been developed with the Rich Communication Suite (RCS) in mind - this aims for broad industry interoperability and acceptance by utilizing standardized IMS service features.
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