iCopy for iPhone Copy-Paste

iCopy for iPhone Copy-Paste
iCopy for iPhone Copy-Paste. Copy and paste is quite possibly the singularly most requested feature on the iPhone. Sure, the iPhone can recognize an phone number in any webpage/text message/email. And calling the number is a simple matter of tapping the phone number and initiating the call. But, what if you want to copy and paste a URL or block of text? Well, you need some good copy-n-paste action.

With the help of some handy bookmarklet code, iPhone users can copy text and URLs and then paste into a form or email the text/link to yourself or a friend. iCopy is the best solution to get your iPhone to copy/paste with ease.

iCopy is the first (that I know of) application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to copy and paste text and URL's between web pages. You also have the option of emailing copied text or URL's.

How does it work?
Install iCopy as a bookmark. (See directions below) Browse the web as you normally would. When you are on a page that has something you want to copy click your bookmarks icon and choose Copy/Paste. From the list choose "Copy Text" or "Copy URL". If copying text, select the text you want to copy. If emailing text or a URL an email will open with the text or URL in the body. If you copied text, when you come to the page you want to paste to you once again click the bookmarks icon and click Copy/Paste. This time choose Paste. You'll be redirected to our site for a second then returned to where you came from, Once again, click bookmarks and click Copy/Paste. This time an alert will tell you that you're ready to paste. Click any text box on the page and your text is placed there.

Since you have to click the bookmark twice to paste it's really more of a copy/paste/paste application.

Step by Step to get iCopy to work on your iPhone:
1. Drag this link to your Safari browser's bookmark bar. (this will save the bookmarklet to your Safari browser's bookmark file)
2. Connect your iPhone and let iTunes sync your Safari bookmarks. Make sure to check the "Sync Safari Bookmarks" box. (this will save the iCopy bookmarklet to your iPhone)
3. Find some web text or URL address that you want to copy.
4. Bring up your bookmarks and tap "Copy/Paste"
5. Select "Copy"
6. Select the "Copy" action you'd like to perform (Copy Text, Copy URL, Email URL, etc.)
7. Go to the web-form into which you'd like to insert the text or URL that you just copied.
8. Bring up your bookmarks and tap "Copy/Paste"
9. You'll be taken to another page for a quick moment, and then you'll be returned to your original page.
10. Bring up your bookmarks and tap "Copy/Paste" again. You'll see a dialog box indicating that you're ready to paste.
11. Tap the text box into which you'd like to insert the copied text/URL.

The process is fairly simple, it just looks complex because I wanted to make the installation/use process excruciatingly clear. Overall, the entire process is simply a matter of bringing up the "Copy/Paste" bookmarklet, selecting text to copy, then inserting the text into a text box.

It ain't no Windows Mobile tap-and-hold copy/paste, but it's no harder than tapping a menu to bring up copy/paste functionality.

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4 comments on "iCopy for iPhone Copy-Paste"

djchuang said...

the iPhone doesn't recognize phone numbers in calendar notes, or do I have to do something?

macbook said...

Great little article / tutorial, particularly with the extra videos. It is criminal that Apple haven't included this as standard in a firmware update yet.

Apple is pathetic said...

Apple could do so much more to improve the iPhone with firmware updates, tracking stolen phones, insurance on the phones, etc.

Don't get me started on my list of improvements it will only frustrate and anger you!

George W. said...

What about Flash Player...
It is desperately needed.

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