New OpenMoko next to the Neo 1973

New OpenMoko next to the Neo 1973 a
New OpenMoko next to the Neo 1973. As follow-up to the last post, 2nd OpenMoko Phone in March-April 2008, It's a successor to the open-source OpenMoko Neo1973 which is expected to be officially released in April.

Apparently called the FreeRunner, OpenMoko's Mickey Lauer gave us a glimpse of the successor to the Neo1973 at the Bossa Conference in Brazil. From the pics, it doesn't look like the FreeRunner has changed much from the Neo1973. But, fear not, Linux-junkies. The real excitement lies within.

The OpenMoko FreeRunner features Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi (802.11n), microSD card, 264 MB ROM / 128 MB RAM, and 400 MHz Samsung CPU. And, to make things even more interesting for developers, OpenMoko has fitted the FreeRunner with three-axis accelerometers. "The platform OpenMoko is a playground for developers," said Lauer.

New OpenMoko next to the Neo 1973 b
We should see this feature-packed Linux-phone hit the market next month, so we're going to keep an eye out for an appearance at CTIA Las Vegas in April. (source)
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