Panasonic Link To Cell (Cellular Phones to Home Phone)

Panasonic Link To Cell (Cellular Phones to Home Phone)
Panasonic Link To Cell (Cellular Phones to Home Phone). This new Panansonic Link to Cell billed as the ultimate cell phone accessory. The Link To Cell is basically a Bluetooth connected base station that tethers to your cellphone.

Panasonic Link To Cell will ring your home phone handset when you get an incoming call on your cellular phone. It's just as a Bluetooth headset will ring/vibrate when your cellphone receives an incoming call. Your cellphone connects to a single Link To Cell base station, allowing you to place the cellphone that one particular corner that gets good signal reception. All the receiving handsets connect to the base station.

You can connect up to six satellite handsets throughout the house, and each handset is equipped with DECT 6.0, talking caller ID, a night mode (determine when the phone rings and when to stay silent), ringerID (set different ringtones for different callers), and call block. Also a nice feature, Panasonic got this unit RoHS specified for new chemical substances used, a greener way to go.

Panasonic Link to Cell can be had for $99.99 and features one handset. Each additional handset will cost $39.99. More information is available from panasonic website.

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