Samsung Muse Launched by Alltel

Samsung Muse Launched by Alltel
Samsung Muse Launched by Alltel. As follow-up to the last post, Alltel unveiled Red BlackBerry Pearl 8130, LG Scoop, and Samsung Muse, Now Alltel is launching the Samsung Muse, which we first saw a couple months back, for the handy price of $89.99 after $50 rebate and 2-year contract.

Samsung Muse features EV-DO, a 2 megapixel camera, 64MB of onboard memory and microSD slot, stereo Bluetooth, and external music controls. Now that's a bargain for a music-centric device (it's called the "Muse" after all) packed with GPS.

You can customize your phone with your life's theme song using a dedicated music key for ringtones and easy access to your MP3 player. All wrapped up in a sleek, stylish and modern design, this phone will never leave you uninspired.

Interested? If you can do without smartphone features but still want some great features on the cheap, head on over to Alltel and grab yourself this Samsung Muse.
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