Samsung Spex (SCH-r210) for MetroPCS

Samsung Spex (SCH-r210) for MetroPCS
Samsung Spex (SCH-r210) for MetroPCS. Samsung SCH-r210 Spex comes with dual band CDMA 850/1900 as well as CDMA 1700 MHz AWS support. Samsung Spex (SCH-r210) is an entry-level phone with 128×128 screen, Maybe first-time phone buyers who only need texting and calling want to buy this cellphone, or If you're only looking for a handset that Grandma will appreciate.

Samsung Spex has Bluetooth and basic messaging features. MetroPCS has not announced availability or pricing for this phone yet.
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4 comments on "Samsung Spex (SCH-r210) for MetroPCS"

Tom said...

DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. Shuts off by itself 5-10 times a day on some days. Will dial out but can't hear anything, that happens many times a day... have to turn it off and back on. I can go on and on about all the screwed up things this phone does on a daily basis. It was only 50 bucks, but I paid for a phone that works and does it's job, this one does not.

Beautiimarie said...


ben said...

well my phone is working fine for now but how long did it take for your phone to start acting like that

Jerard said...

u supose 2 put in your last 4 digits of your number

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