Playboy-branded Alcatel OT-V770A Cell Phone

Playboy-branded Alcatel OT-V770A Cell Phone 1
Playboy-branded Alcatel OT-V770A Cell Phone. The Playboy phone is a Playboy-branded Alcatel OT-V770A mobile phone. Alcatel OT-V770A Cell Phone comes in your choice of Gold, Pink, or Silver metallic trim, and plays up its Playboy affiliation to the brim.

Playboy-branded Alcatel OT-V770A Features:

+ 1.3 megapixel camera
+ 10MB internal memory
+ microSD memory card slot
+ Media player
+ Full-screen video playback

Playboy-branded Alcatel OT-V770A Cell Phone 2

The Playboy phone sports the same 1.3 megapixel camera, media player, full-screen video playback, 10MB onboard memory, and microSD card slot as the Alcatel OT-VV770A, with the addition of that Playboy logo and embossed metallic rear-panel. Price is not known yet.

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2 comments on "Playboy-branded Alcatel OT-V770A Cell Phone"

bergina tahiri said...

i would like to ask whether the Alcatel OT-V770A playboy branded gold cell phone is available to purchase in the uk and its price, as soon as possible, if it is not too much trouble
and my apologies for any inconvinience caused

lucie greenway said...

how do you get hold of a Alcatel OT-V770A Playboy-branded Cell Phone
i would be greatful if you could help me
thank you for taking your time to read this email/ comment
yours sincerly lucie greenway

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