BenQ C36 Music Phone

BenQ C36 Music Phone
BenQ C36 Music Phone. BenQ C36 is a simple music phone, a stylish mobile phone which can also work as an MP3 player. The cellphone features 1.3 megapixel camera that can also work as a webcam when connected to a PC.

BenQ C36 Music Phone also sports FM radio, 2-inch color screen, microSD memory slot, and a battery that promises to deliver up to 2.4 hours of talk and 180 hours of standby time. This cellphone has a standard calculator, address book and other regular mobile apps - pre-installed software includes voice notes.

There is also a neat "Health management" application, which reportedly should help users stay fit on-the-go.

BenQ C36 Music Phone will hit Indonesia later this month, and other countries to follow in the near future. Pricing is not yet available. Stay tuned.
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