Metal Gear Solid Mobile Game by Konami for N-Gage

Metal Gear Solid Mobile Game by Konami for N-Gage
Metal Gear Solid Mobile Game by Konami for N-Gage. Following the last post about Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) Bluetooth Headset in June, Recently, we've heard Nokia and Konami announced that Konami mobile titles will be added to the N-Gage mobile games platform. The mobile version of the award-winning Metal Gear Solid will be the first title in the games line-up. Metal Gear Solid Mobile Game has received top honours at the 2007 International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA), taking both the Grand Prix and Operator's Choice Awards.

The new version of the classic game features original content that can only be found on the mobile platform. Metal Gear Solid Mobile Game includes never-before-seen dramatic 3D art displays and camera work. The detailed in-game graphics capture the atmosphere of the Metal Gear Solid series and create a depth that completely draws the player into the game, and pushes the capabilities of the mobile platform.

Players face the extreme tension of solitary infiltration in this version of the tactical espionage action game developed in conjunction with Ideaworks3D and utilizing its Airplay 3.5 SDK. An in-game camouflage system utilizes colour samples from the scenery of the real world captured by the handset's camera. Moreover, additional controls are introduced that are made especially for mobile devices.
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