Motorola MOTO W755 Available on Verizon

Motorola MOTO W755 Available on Verizon
Motorola MOTO W755 Available on Verizon. As a follow-up to the last post, Motorola W755 Pictures, The cellphone is now available on Verizon Wireless. Motorola W755 is a thin clamshell phone that looks like the RAZR. It has most of the same features and specs as the RAZR V3m with an addition of stereo Bluetooth support and external music control keys.

Motorola MOTO W755 is available in purple and black from Verizon Wireless' website for $69.99 with two-year contract and online discount.
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1 comments on "Motorola MOTO W755 Available on Verizon"

Jan Dubcheck said...

A lame phone: no wifi, you have to pay for every little thing you want that is IF you want to actually use the mp3 option and the rest. Software is lame too: poor service location navigation. hermetic locking! You's think you can just connect to your laptop via a USB cable, no ? Good luck: it is NOT supported. Of course you can figure out a way if you have the time to skim through sites that offer helpful hacks. But it was supposed to be easy, no ? Easy for them to turn you - the Customer - into a milk cow that serves them with $1.99 for every move. Connecting through bluetooth to your laptop - painful beyond belief. What use the pictures you take and all the technology you already have if you are forced to go through THEIR service. Finally, the backup service Verizon offers: I actually checked the data (I don't have that much) and # of records on the sever immediately after I created the backup was different than on my cell - it was missing contacts. Too bad! this is the OFFICIAL way to backup your data.
In conclusion, be a sucker, go buy this flashy colorful lame cell. After all I did...

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