Qualcomm + Adobe : BREW Mobile Platform Integrates Adobe Flash

Qualcomm + Adobe : BREW Mobile Platform Integrates Adobe Flash
Qualcomm + Adobe : BREW Mobile Platform Integrates Adobe Flash. While Adobe to make Flash compatible with iPhone, Recently, Qualcomm and Adobe announced the BREW Mobile Platform with integrated Adobe Flash technology and new platform features. BREW Mobile Platform, which leverages Qualcomm's widely deployed BREW Client software, greatly expands the capabilities for developers and enables them to create rich applications and Web content in Adobe Flash for the BREW environment.

The software will fully integrate and deliver Adobe Flash technology to mass market handset devices. By combining the strengths of both BREW and Flash technologies, BREW Mobile Platform brings the mobile application and Web content development communities together, setting a new standard for mass market handset platforms.

BREW Mobile Platform extends the widely deployed BREW Client's rich set of services and APIs, with new enhancements in platform capabilities, multimedia and content support, access to device databases, connectivity support, touchscreen user interface development and more. BREW Mobile Platform's highly optimized and integrated support for Flash technology provides an unprecedented level of access to these platform services from Adobe ActionScript™, enabling Flash developers to create standalone applications that integrate mobile device functionality with Web content and services.

BREW Mobile Platform will be supported by development tools provided by both Qualcomm and Adobe. Native application developers can leverage an expanded and integrated set of tools available from Qualcomm, including integrated support for the popular Eclipse and Visual Studio Integrated Development Environments. Flash designers and developers can use Adobe's existing Flash development tools, including Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, Adobe Device Central CS3 and other popular tools in Adobe Creative Suite 3, to quickly deploy rich Flash-based applications. Qualcomm and Adobe are working together to provide an increasingly streamlined developer workflow with subsequent releases of their respective tools.
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