YouMail - Free Online Voicemail Service

YouMail - Free Online Voicemail Service
YouMail - Free Online Voicemail Service. YouMail is a free voice-to-text service with lots of great features. With YouMail, Calls you don't answer get forwarded to YouMail instead of your current wireless voicemail. This online voicemail should save your time, you'll just go right to the voicemail you care about. Point, click and play. It also allows you easily delete messages that don't matter. Interestingly, YouMail does not charge for its basic service, the service is free.

There's a nice feature called DitchMail, it is a feature of YouMail that plays a message to a caller and then hangs up on them. It's surprisingly useful, since we've all given our cell phone numbers to someone where we've regretted it - whether it's a telemarketer or an ex who just doesn't take hints well (which is why they're an ex, though that's a different question).
YouMail - Free Online Voicemail Service 2
YouMail Features:
+ Voicemail online and by phone
+ Different greetings for different callers
+ Ditch unwated callers
+ Lots of popular cool greetings
+ Voicemail sent to your e-mail

Interested? More information about YouMail - Free Online Voicemail Service is available from the website.
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mia more said...

I have a metropcs samsung code. The generic instructions to program my phone to youmail do NOT work. What can I do?

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