6 New GSM and 3G Phones launched by Hop-on

6 New GSM and 3G Phones launched by Hop-on
6 New GSM and 3G Phones launched by Hop-on. You may remember the disposable cellphone, a GSM Dual band with no display that features a Braille keypad, Hop-on HOP1800 - $10 GSM Cellphone.

And now the company behind that cellphone announced 6 new cheap mobile phones. Hop-on's new HOP1800 Series phones will range from a $125 PDA phone to the world's lowest cost phone for $10 in the US. These phones are built using high quality standards of components and manufacturing.

+ HOP1801. This is a linux based and the lowest cost smartphone on the market with full QWERTY keyboard, 2 MP camera, QVGA screen
+ HOP1803. an ultra low-cost tri-band GSM phone
+ HOP1805. It's a low-cost phone for emerging markets
+ HOP1810. A dual-band camera phone
+ HOP1808. a dual-sim cellphone comes with camera, FM radio, MMS, music player, optional Bluetooth.
+ HOP1809. This 3G mobile phone sports 3G, camera, BREW, MMS, MP4

The first four phones (HOP1801, HOP1803, HOP1805, HOP1810) will be available for distribution in North and South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, supporting English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and more upon request. Other two devices (HOP1808, HOP1809) will only be launched in North and South America. HOP1801 will be available for $125. What a low price for a smartphone! No word on others pricing.
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