Asus Glide Mobile OS UI

Asus Glide Mobile OS UI
Asus Glide Mobile OS UI. ASUS introduces its own Windows Mobile UI - Glide at Computex 2008. ASUS doesn't specifies on top of which mobile OS Glide will run, however all their handsets are using Windows Mobile. With the latest cutting-edge software and technologies to provide high speed downloading, user-friendly interfaces and touch screen capabilities, users will be able to look forward to exceedingly convenient and exciting experiences for every handheld need.

ASUS Glide incorporates the following features:
+ ASUS Today – Do More with Less
The most commonly-used functions are displayed on the desktop – promising simplicity and quick productivity. With ASUS Today, users will have effortless access with just oneglide – having applications such as Time, Mail Box, Calendar, News, Weather and Music Player displayed in the same window for fun and ease.

+ Anytime Launcher – Responding Anytime
With a newly organized menu, Anytime Launcher provides users with instant access to programs like Favourite Contacts, Recent Documents, and Messages–all with aglide of their fingers. With Anytime Launcher, users will be able to get their jobs done quickly–allowing them to do what they want, when they want it without any trouble or frustration.

+ EziPhoto – Bring Pictures to Life
With EziPhoto, users will be able to immerse themselves in their favorite memories; and watch as their photo albums come alive. They can easily flip through pictures with a simpleglide , and design viewing experiences to suit their own unique personality. They can even set slide-shows with music from their music albums to recreate moods of respective moments–enhancing the viewing experience.

+ EziMusic – The DJ that Performs In Your Palm
With an automated jukebox, users can select their desired songs with just aglide through albums; while the library of playlists can be sorted according to albums, artists, genres or personalized just like a professional DJ. Additionally, the Ringtone Editor lets users to cut their favorite portion of any song to be set as the incoming-call ringtone – providing even more individual personality.
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