Bluepod - Bluetooth Media?

Bluepod - Bluetooth Media 1
Bluepod - Bluetooth Media? Bluepod Media provides a new solution for advertiser/marketer to broadcast advertising/marketing messages via bluetooth to users within the (local) broadcast radius. The Bluepod is a mini computer server with a Bluetooth transmitter and various connectivity ports. About the size of a hardback book, it weighs a mere 400 grammes, is fitted with a remote access CF card and thus only needs plugging into a mains electricity socket for installation. All content management and data delivery audits are handled remotely from our operations HQ in Brighton, globally as needed.

Bluepod - Bluetooth Media 2
Bluetooth connectivity is universal across all mobile handset manufacturers. Bluepod's strategically placed pod networks in key leisure destinations enable razor sharp consumer targeting and creation of motivating content in sympathy with their situation and immediate needs. Consumers can even be switched to an SMS/MMS platform to source unique voucher codes for redemption at point of sale and database creation.

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