fringAPI - fring's platform introduced

fringAPI - fring's platform introduced
fringAPI - fring platform introduced. fring just opened-up its platform by introducing the fringAPI. It's available for free, to any developer who wants to create new mobile applications or offer their own web services to the fring community.

For you who're interested, developers only need a working knowledge of basic server-side language such as PHP, JSP, ASPX, etc, and XML. These mobile applications will bring users a richer experience and, potentially, an unlimited selection of mobile games, services, communities and more.

All newly developed applications will be available as fringAdd-ons, accessed free of charge, from the fring Catalog, inside the regular mobile application. Developers can get started today by logging into the fring Developers Section, the catalog is to go live sometimes in July 2008. More information is available from
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