Garmin + GyPsii multi year global agreement

Garmin + GyPsii multi year global agreement
Garmin + GyPsii multi year global agreement. Following on recent report, Garmin Nuvifone gets Hands-on, we hear that Garmin has just signed a multi year global agreement with GyPsii, a geo-location and mobile social networking provider, according to a statement from GyPsii. As per the agreement terms, GyPsii will provide technology, products, worldwide data center infrastructure, development licenses and GyPsii branding rights to Garmin.

GyPsii would provide the rights on a non-exclusive basis, for a variety of Garmin products. The deal would help Garmin to incorporate in its future products, friend finding applications that support the GyPsii-powered-location-based social networking services platform.

GyPsii's technology is currently compatible with Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Black Berry devices, as well as on Apple iPhone along with browser-based Internet connected devices. GyPsii incorporates a wide range of location-specific functions and mobile lifestyle services in a single platform. These include features like mobile search, user generated content-sharing and social networking.

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