Intel Atom chip for iPhone?

Intel Atom chip for iPhone?
Intel Atom chip for iPhone? We already heard the Infineon chipset, etc from the previous Apple iPhone 3G Component Suppliers List, and what's now? According to an analyst with FTN Midwest, JoAnne Feeney, in a research note, the next-generation iPhone (after the iPhone 3G that we're waiting for) will be powered by a version of Intel’s (INTC) new Atom family of low-cost, low-power processors.

Intel is reportedly "well ahead" in their development schedule for the Atom family of processors. We could see Intel debut their 32nm Atom chip at Intel Developers Forum in mid-August of this year. She wrote that the Atom-powered iPhone may arrive sometime in 2009 or 2010. Although This is still a speculation, an 'Intel Atom-powered iPhone' sounds interesting. We can't wait for it to happen in the near future.

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