iPhone 3G pricing for Softbank Japan

iPhone 3G pricing for Softbank Japan
iPhone 3G pricing for Softbank Japan. Following on previous report as the exclusive iPhone carrier in Japan (iPhone for Japan via SoftBank), a new report said that Softbank would sell 3G iPhones starting from 23,040 yen ($214.6) in Japan.

Softbank said the monthly charge for iPhone users would be 7,280 yen, including unlimited data-transmission usage, if subscribers sign up for a plan that allows them to talk free between Softbank subscribers most of the day. The 8GB iPhone 3G will be sold for 23,040 yen ($215), while the 16GB variant of the iPhone 3G will cost 34,560 yen ($320). Users can pay for the device over the course of two years.

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Robert Smith said...

This information is completely bogus. The iPhone 3G 8GB is 40,000JPY which is about $380, and the 16GB is 80,000 which is about $730. You can pay for it over the course of two years, with all you can use internet for 7000JPY per month. Completely opposite of the usual american plans, the free talk time is from 1AM to 9PM, and 42JPY per minute between 9PM and 1AM. That is about $0.40 per minute. Those free talk times are only if you are calling another Softbank subscriber. If you call AU (KDDI), Docomo, Willcom, or Tsuka, or any other provider here in Japan, it will cost 21JPY for each 30 seconds.

whip said...

you're half right. if you keep the softbank phone for the 24 full months, softbank will contribute ¥1,900 toward your monthly iPhone payments. so, at the end you'll end up having paid ¥36,000 for the phone if you keep the contract for the full 24 months. if you get out early, they won't spot you the ¥1,900 per months toward your iphone subsidy. you'll end up paying over ¥80,000 if you try to get out early. the extra annoyance is that softbank refuses to unlock your phone regardless of whether you have completed your contract or paid off the phone. be aware before you buy...

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