LG Dare on June 26

LG Dare on June 26
LG Dare on June 26. Verizon has announced the LG Dare alongside the LG Decoy and LG Chocolate 3 for CDMA network. LG Dare comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera, 3G, VCAST, and VZ Navigator.

The touchscreen device has also VGA video recording, HTML Browser, 3.5mm headset jack, handwriting recognition, Bluetooth 2.0, EVDO Rev A, microUSB, and microSDHC (8GB), as well as a light sensor and proximity sensor to adjust screen brightness and turn off the LCD accordingly (for battery life). This LG handset is expected to be launched on June 26th.
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2 comments on "LG Dare on June 26"

Blake-Dare said...

The Dare is GREEAT!! One of the best phones out right now..and it has tons of nice features on it like the Drawing pad!

Brett Rogers said...

I bought the Dare in early August for one reason: its Drawing Pad application. My intention was to draw with it to make art. I use my phone in this way every day and I post them to my web site. You can take a look here:

http ://www.beatcanvas.com/verizon_lg_dare_art.asp

Thought the palette is limited to about 7 colors, I've recently figured out how to squeeze turquoise and orange from the Drawing Pad app as well (using the rainbow tool), as you can see in my recent sketch of a rooster at my web site.

Let me suggest this:

The cell phone started out as mechanism for communication, then became a means for productivity (calendaring, reading network email, etc), then grew into a channel for entertainment (video, Internet, songs). I think the cell phone could move next to become a device for creativity - that's an uncaptured, unexplored market segment. If LG and other manufacturers build higher end capabilities into the phone, I believe there's a huge opportunity for the phone to become much more addictive than it already is.

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